A setting is available which allows you to select if the Grouped answers or the original answers (or both) shall be displayed in the table. This setting is very useful when, for example, displaying a Recommendation question (NPS) in the table where the original answers are 0-10 and the Grouped answers are Detractors, Neutrals and Promoters, in a case like this it is highly likely that you want to display either the 0-10 or the Grouped answers which is supported. 

Here we see an example, in the left table the NPS column shows the original answers and in the right the Grouped answers. 

 To select which answers to be displayed in the table enter the setup mode of the Respondent table and use the control highlighted in the image below, the setting is made per question for total flexibility and you can select to display the Original answers, the Grouped answers or both.

Here we see the control for defining what to be displayed in the table. 


Note: The option “Display all answers” is selected by default in all the existing tables. In all created tables the default value is set to “Original answers.