The page located in the System settings menu as shown in the image below will give you access to a Report user management page for administrating Report users across projects. The page gives you much more control of all your Report users across all the projects. In this page you can for example:

  • Update user details (username, password, email address etc.)
  • View basic user statistics (last login date and number of logins)
  • See which projects a user has access to
  • Delete access to some projects or delete the user completely
  • Extract (Excel export) user information

Note: You cannot change the access rights within a project from this global page, you can only remove access right from a project completely. 

Here we see where you find the new Report user management page.

Here we see the new Report user management page itself.

Note: all customers will not see the columns Number of logins and Last login date to due privacy regulations in some countries. 

Report user statistics

The Report user statistics area shows the number of Report users accounts you currently using and the number of free accounts. Here we see the usage statistics.

Project filter

If you need to show the Report users belonging to a specific project only, you can filter the list by the desired project in the Project filter list. If more than one project is selected it will list all users having access to any of these projects.

Here we see the project filter control.

Note: you can see which project each user has access to either by hovering over the number of projects as shown below or by entering the user to view all the details of the user. Here we see that the name of the projects the user has access to appears when hovering over the number of projects value.

Sorting and search

The list can be sorted by clicking the column headers.

You can also search in each column if you have a need for finding a specific user etc. In the “#Projects”and “#Logins” columns you can use < and > to for example find all users having access to more than 2 projects or find all users that have logged in less than 5 times.Edit a userTo edit user details enter the user via the edit icon as shown below. In the popup you can now edit the user details, remove access rights from one or several projects or delete the user completely.Here we see the edit user popup window.

Note: If the user is removed from all projects the user will be deleted from the system.Bulk delete usersMultiple user can be deleted by selecting the users to be deleted in the first column and then pressing the “Delete selected users” button.

Here we see the delete option.

Export to Excel

The list of users can be exported to Excel by pressing the “Export list of users”. The content will be the users displayed online so the project filters and column filters are also respected in the export. Here we see the export button.