The result of charts, tables and respondent tables can now be exported to CSV files. Previously the result could be exported to Excel files but in case of for example having huge respondent tables with millions of cells the CSV export is a better choice as the CSV export goes significantly faster.

Here we see an example of the CSV export button in a respondent table.

The CSV export is turned on and off per object, it is off by default. 

Below you see where you find the setting for turning CSV export on and off in respective object. Here we see where you turn the CSV export on/off in the respondent table. The option is located in the Table settings panel in the Settings tab.

Here we see where you find the ability to turn the CSV export on/off in charts and tables.

Note: The CSV delimiter used in the exported file is a project level setting in the Project settings page as shown below.

Here we see the setting for defining which CSV delimiter will be used in the exported CSV files.