Time period filter

Within optional filters you can define which filter you would like to be visible on the portal, and this has the option to define date filters too. Go to Optional filters:

And select the third tab: Time periods and activate the checkbox and select the options you would like to see in the dropdown.

In the example below, the Year to date, Full period and Select dates had been selected:

Once a report user is using Select dates, a calendar will appear where someone can select the dates. 

Using multiple date variables

The ability to let the Report users select which Date variable to be the base in the time period filtering in a StoryTeller report is great to use in projects with multiple dates per respondent, like for example in a customer experience projects which could contain both a response date and a purchase date. By letting the Report users select which date variable to be the base in the time period filtering it will be easier to analyze result connected to specific dates or occasions.

The Date variable selection is made in the Optional filter area in same way as other optional filters are selected. Here we see an example where the Report user can select if the dashboard, that shows data for last 1 week, shall be filtered by the Interview date or by the Purchase date.

To add the ability for the Report users to select which Date variable to be used in the time period filtering do as the following:

  • Enter the optional Filter setup and in the Time period tab
  • Enable the Time period option and select the time periods to be available
  • Enable the Date variables option and select which date variables that shall be available, you also have to select which one to be default selected. 

Note: As stated above you can only activate the ability to select Date variables if the Time period selections is activated, it is not possible to let the users select Date variable if they cannot select Time period. 

Here we see the Optional Filter window and the Time period tab, the new controls for setting up the Date variable selection is located in the bottom of the page.

When activating the ability to select Date variable the selected date variable will override the Date variable that has been selected per object. In case of having an object that always shall be filtered by a certain Date variable even if the Report users have the ability to select Date variable you can exclude the Date variable filter from this object in the same way as any other optional filter can be excluded from an object. 

Here we see how to exclude optional filters from an object, as shown the new Date variable filter is present in the list of available optional filters to exclude.


Note: when showing the calendar in the optional filters, the days, months etc. without any respondents are being greyed out, in the first image below you can for example see that the project only contains data in Jan and Feb so the rest of the months and disabled.  

In second image you can for example see that 30th of Jan has no data either. This will make it easier to define start and stop date as the user will see where data exist.

Month Selection

The available options in the time-period dropdown list shown for the report users are based on the data in the project. 

Example, the first response date in database is 27th of February 2021 and last the 4th of June 2021.  

If Month time period filter is enabled the following months will be shown in the list:  February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, May 2021 and June 2021.

The format of the weeks, months, quarters and years options in the new filters are based on selected formats in the “Project settings” page/”Date format” tab, see examples  below.