You can set a fixed bar and column width in charts instead of using the standard logic where the width of the bar/column is dependent on the size of the chart and the number of elements to be displayed. With this new setting it is easier to create aligned dashboards containing multiple charts with different numbers of bars/columns. 

Here we have an example use case. The user can select how many brands that will be displayed in the chart but the bars are always 40 pixels wide so the width of the bars are not changing due to number of selected brands which is the case if the standard “auto” logic is used.

Here we have another interesting use case, the columns have been made wider than there is space so they are shown overlapping each other. As shown, the setting can be great to use when for example comparing two months but you clearly want to highlight the current month.

SetupThe controls for setting a fixed column and bar width are present in the Layout tab in the Series panel.To set a fixed width first disable the Auto setting and then enter the desired width in the input field. Here we see the new controls for setting a fixed bar/column width.

Note: The controls are only shown in the setup interface when the selected chart type is bar or column.