A Report user can now sort a StoryTeller table by clicking the column headers, which makes it easier to get an overview of the content and analyze the best/worst items. Here we an example where the Report user sorted the table descending by the age group 35-44.

The ability to sort is a setting which needs to be turned on by the Administrator, it is not applied to a table by default. The sorting option should not, for example, be used when aligning multiple objects in an infographic styled report as in these cases the result often need a fixed position which the report users should not have the ability to change.


The sorting function is turned on in the Settings tab in the Other panel. Tick the “Add sort function to column headers” check box if the report users should be able to sort the table by the column headers. The option is in the main series only in case of having multiple series in the table. Here we see where the Sorting is turned on and off.

Note: if a table uses multiple series and the series have been merged by the column text the sorting will only be made within each series so it is not recommended to use the sorting when multiple series are used and merged by the column headers, unless, it solves a typical use case like the one below.

Here we have an interesting use case where all brands except “Don’t know” is located in the Main series, the “Don’t know” is located in a Subseries. When the users sorts the table by the column headers the sorting will be made within each series which means that the “Don’t know” option always will be positioned in the bottom of the table.