In the Favorites tab, you can save all your favorite tables after selecting variables and calculations. This will help save time in ongoing projects that are continuously loaded with new data. When new data is available, you can easily load your favorite tables without having to edit all the settings again

How to use Favorites in Cross table 

 Step by step

Start with creating your CrossTable. Once you have the one you need, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Favorites tab and enter the desired name and description (the description is optional).
  2. If you would like to be able to share the table, then tick the “Share” option. You can share with all users or use the option to share it with only some users which you can add when you click on "Add/remove users"
  3. Press Save. 



  • If data is continuously loaded into the project and you want to include the new data when loading a saved favorite, then make sure a floating time period is used and not a fixed time period. “Full period” and “Last X weeks/months etc.” are examples of floating time periods which will automatically take the new data into consideration.
  • If the project has hierarchical filters, then these settings are not saved as a part of the favorite. This is because access rights can be changed, therefore different users can have different access rights to the hierarchical filter structure.
  • If you want to update an existing favorite, you can save a new favorite with the same name as the existing favorite – this will replace the old favorite with the new one.


Shared favorites

Your favorites are personal, but you can select if you would like to share them with other users or not. A shared favorite can only be viewed by other users, but it cannot be edited or deleted. In the Favorites tab, each user can save their favorite tables for future use. A table can be shared or private. All shared favorites, created by other users, can also be found in this tab.

Step by step


      1. To load a personal favorite click ‘Load’ on the favorite. This will load all settings. 

      2. To delete a personal favorite click ‘Delete’ on the favorite you wish to delete. 

      3. To load a shared favorite click ‘Load’ on the favorite. This will load all settings. 




  • The administrator will see all favorites in the panel “Favorites shared by other users”, even those which are not shared. This is so that the administrator can give report users support when needed.
  • If the user saved a favorite with the Weighted base while that option was available, but then the admin removed that option from the CrossTable, so only Un-Weighted base should be used in it, the old saved favorite will use the Un-Weighted base as well.