The My stories report is not available by default so the report has to be added by Administrator. Except from adding the My Stories report to the portal the export behavior needs to be defined by the administrator.

Add My Stories to a project

The My stories is added to a project in the Portal Tab page which means that the name and position of the My Stories report is user definable. The image below shows the new My Stories report option.

Note 1: A project can contain one My Stories report only, as soon as a My Stories report has been added to the project the My Stories option disappears from the report types drop down list.

Note 2: The My Stories report uses the same logic as all other reports in terms of access rights and report distribution so don’t forget to set relevant access on the Report Users and don’t forget toDistribute the report in the separate distribution screen.

Note 3: if the project used the old legacy My Stories tool that has to be turned off in the Project Settings page before the new My Stories report can be added to your project.

Define available export formats

By default the My Stories report can be exported to PPT but the export options can be updated in the same way as in the StoryTeller which means that PPT, PDF, Excel and Print is supported. Follow the steps below to define the export formats

  1. Click the Setup button in the My Stories report to open the settings window (see image 1 below)
  2. Select the desired export formats (see image 2 below)
  3. Save

Image 1. Click the setup button to open the Export settings window. Note, the button is only shown for Administrators.

Image 2.