The My Stories report is located in the report bar as shown in the image below. The name and position is decided by the Administrator as that is a part of the setup process. The image below shows the My Stories report.

The user can do the following actions in the My Stories report;

  • Select which Story to view
  • Export the Story
  • Remove a slide
  • Arrange the slides
  • Go to the original slide

Select and view a Story

The dropdown list in the image below contains all the Stories created by the user. To select a story click the desired one. Use the slide navigation tool in same way as in a StoryTeller report to navigate between the different slides in the Story. The image below highlights the Story selection control in the My Stories report.

Note: if any optional filters are applied to the slide these are shown below the slide, see example image below.

Export a Story to PPT/PDF/Excel

Follow the steps below to Export a Story to PPT, PDF and/or Excel*:

  1. Click the Export button (see image 1 below)
  2. Select the desired export format in the Export panel and start the file generation
  3. Download the report

*Which formats available depends on the setup by the Administrator. 

Image 1, the images show the export button. The position and style is dependent on the used theme.In the top example the Export button is positioned in the cogwheel menu and in the bottom example just above the slide area.

Arrange and remove slides

Slides in a Story are removed by clicking the Remove slide button. The slides can be arranged in the slide navigation tool using drag and drop. The image below shows how the slides can be arranged by drag and drop in the slide navigation menu.