The user can do the following actions on a slide level, each of them is described in detail below:

  • Save a StoryTeller slide to a Story
  • Rename an existing slide
  • Arrange slides
  • Remove a slide
  • View info about the slide
  • Go to source slide

Save a slide to a Story

  1. Select the StoryTeller report, slide and filter combination to be saved to a Story
  2. Select the Story which the slide will be saved into
  3. Click any of the Add current slide buttons (see image 1 below)
    • If button 1 is used the new slide is placed first 
    • If button 2 is used the new slide is placed last
    • If button 3 is used the slide is positioned after the currently selected slide, this slide is shown with a thicker border, if no slide is selected the slide is positioned last4. Give the slide a name
  4. Click outside the text box
  5.  > the slide is now saved automatically

Note: As soon as you click outside the text box the slide becomes saved and the system starts to generate a thumbnail image which might take a few seconds. You can continue to work while the thumbnail is being generated, you do not need to wait for it to be completed. Navigating away from the current page or closing the browser will have no effect on the thumbnail generation.

Image 1

Note the following logic:
  • The My Stories slide will get updated with new data automatically when new data is imported to the project unless the slide has been saved with an optional filter combination that totally excludes the newly imported data
  • If the original slide in the StoryTeller reports gets an updated layout (new charts, new text objects, deleted charts etc.) the My Stories slide gets updated automatically
  • If the original StoryTeller slide is deleted the My Stories slide gets deleted automatically
  • If a My Stories slide has optional filters applied that no longer are valid, due to changes in the report setup or the access rights of the user, the saved slide will not show any data. Only slides with valid filter combination in regards to access rights and the report setup will show data.
  • If the StoryTeller has Optional chart settings applied and the user updates a slide by using the Optional chart settings these settings are not saved to My stories. It is always the original slide with the applied optional filters that are saved to My Stories.

Rename an existing slide

  1. Follow the steps below to rename a slide:
  2. Hover over the slide and click Rename slide (see image 1 below)
  3. Enter the new name
  4. Click outside the text field or press return
  5. > the new name is now saved automatically

Image 1

Arrange slides

When having multiple slides in a Story these can be arranged by drag and drop, follow the steps below:1

  1. Click on the slide(s) to be arranged (multiple slides can be selected by using holding down theCTRL button.)
  2. Drag and drop the slides to the desired position
  3. > the changes are saved automatically

Note: In cases of having many slides the slide area can be made larger which makes the overview and slide arrangement easier, see example image below. The image below shows an example of the layout when the slide area has been made larger which makes it easier to get an overview and arrange the slides.

Remove a slide

Follow the steps below to remove a slide:

  1. Select the slide to be removed (multiple slides can be selected by holding down the CTRL key.)
  2. Click the Remove slide option (see image 1 below)
  3. Confirm the removing of slides
  4. > the changes are saved automatically

Image 1

View info about a saved slide

You are able to view the following info about a saved slide:

  • What reports the slide belongs to
  • Which optional filters that have been applied to the slide

Follow the steps below to view the info

  1. Hover over a slide
  2. Click the Info button (see image 1 below)
  3. The info view appears (see image 2 below)

Image 1

Image 2, the image below shows the info view, you can go between the slides in the same Story byusing the arrows in the interface or by hitting the arrows on the keyboard.

Note; the info view shows the generated thumbnail image and so might contain stale data. The latest data is only available in the My Stories report. 

Go to source slide

From the My Story panel you can, from a saved slide, navigate to the source slides which means that you get redirected to the report and actual slide and the saved optional filters gets applied automatically. Follow the steps below to go to the source slide:

  1. Hover over a slide
  2. Click the Go to slide button (see image 1 below)
  3. You will now go to the original slide in the project.

Image 1