In the layout tab, a table can be customized to different look and feels. 

Table Styling

The complete table styling can be controlled by Table Styling, some general settings can be changed in 


  • background colors can be changed, based on odd or even rows
  • Text font, size, color, alignment (horizontal and vertical) and style can be adjusted
  • A minimum size for the column width can be set, see example below:


It is also possible to select the full width. By using the full width and height the table will always fill the whole object, if the setting is turned off the minimum row height and column width will be used. These setting makes it, for instance, easier to align the table to other objects. 

As an example, it is now easier to align tables and charts, even in the cases where the number of bars in the chart and the number of rows in the table differs due to different Optional filter selections made by the Report user, see below for a scenario where values in a table align perfectly with a chart regardless of the number of items shown.Here we have an example of a report where the user can select which brands (variable subsets) to be displayed in the report. To the left the user selected five brands and to the right the user selected two brands, as shown the chart and table is always perfectly aligned. 

With the new settings it also easier to get the required column width, simply turn off the use of the full width and apply the desired column width in the minimum column width setting, see example below. Here we have an example where the full object width is turned off and minimum column width is set to100 pixels. The columns will now be 100 pixels wide (unless any labels needs more space) even if the object box is bigger.

By default the tables will use the full object height and full object width as that makes it easier to control the dimensions.


Borders can be adjusted.

Row and column headers

This has the same options as the cell styling in the General section, but here we can set the styling for the rows and columns in a different way than the cells itself.