Respondents can be deleted by uploading a new file with only the respondents you would like to have or manually delete respondents. This manually deleting is possible in the module Data > Data cleaning/Recoding. 

Enter the ids of the respondents to be deleted in the “Respondent to be deleted” input box in the bottom of the Data cleaning/recoding page (see example below). After this, click Save data cleaning followed by Reactivate. 

Multiple ids shall be separated by comma (,) and a range shall be separated with a dash to separate the start and end id. Here we see the input fields for defining which respondents to be deleted during the data activation.

Note: in case you would like to undo the deletion of respondents, the file which includes those respondents need to be deactivated first. So for example: 

  1. delete respondents from the list to be deleted
  2. deactivate the batches, which included those respondents
  3. activate those batches again.

Note: once you removed id's from the list of "Respondents to be deleted" the data activation will be slower, because it needs to check all batches.