In the StoryTeller, the Report User can select Optional Filters such as different filters, hierarchical filters, time periods, variable subsets etc. It is also possible to add information to the slide about which selections that have been made. As the information is shown on the slide it is also included in PowerPoint exports. The solution is flexible and the Administrator defines what should be shown and also the text size, format etc. The example image below shows the selected Time period and Filters, the Interval selection is not shown.

The Dynamic Text is a function in the regular Text object. To add Dynamic Texts click the icon shown in the first image below. In the pop-up window (second image below) select which information that should be shown. As shown both the label of the selected filter and the selected option can be shown (e.g. Gender: Male) or only the selected options (e.g. “Male”). The image below shows the button to click to insert dynamic texts.

In Hierarchical Filter projects two options appear for showing the name of the selected unit, either can the name of the selected unit be shown (e.g. “Stockholm”) or the path in the hierarchical structure (e.g. “Europe/Sweden/Stockholm”). To format, the Dynamic Texts use the regular text format options.

You can also automatically add project name, report name, slide name, slide number and today’s date to the page by using the Dynamic text objects. These items can for example easily be used in the slide background since you just need to add them once to get the slide number, project name etc. into each page. These items are also great to use when creating slide footers to be stored in the Report template library because you don’t need to make any manual changes when importing them to a new project!