You can have multiple date variables in a project. For multiple Date variables, you can define which Date variables should be included for use in the reporting. Each respondent has one Interview date only. This Interview date variable is the base in all calculations for filtering out the correct respondents and computing week numbers, months, etc. 

Creating a new date variable 

This is done in Admin pages under Reporting objects section, Date variables icon. In the second part, when setting each StoryTeller object and the Cross table tool, the administrator defines which Date variable to use.

To edit, or delete, an existing grouped answer use the edit/delete icons displayed in the most right column of the screen, see example of these in the image below.

Step by step 

  1. Access Reporting Objects section and go to Date variables. 
  2. The page lists all Date variables. Select which one to use in the reporting as Date variables. 
  3. Once a default Date variable is selected, Save the new selection.  

Each Variable can get a new Name that is shown during the reporting setup