The StoryTeller marketing research tool is the main module used for reporting, and works as the reporting dashboard that delivers data to your company. You will notice that StoryTeller as a reporting module is added by default as you create new project. 

The data presented in StoryTeller is calculated automatically from your imported data sets. So when new data is imported, the reports are automatically updated. Of course there needs to be a content present as charts or some other elements. 

StoryTeller has dynamic filtering capabilities to provide all of the “drill down” comparisons and custom data views required for your company reporting. StoryTeller also provides robust hierarchical filtering capabilities allowing for complete control over how viewers see data and interact with the system. StoryTeller also works as an online depository for documents, videos, charts, graphs, reports, URL links, or other items needed for distribution.

All types of report information which can be added can be found here.

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