Before you upload a data file, make sure you have it formatted the correct way. In case you are working with SPSS you will normally have the file that contains the data that you need to work with; more precisely it contains data and meta data. We recommend that you have smaller files, since they will be uploaded in batches. This will also make it easier to identify a specific batch when you are looking for information within your data file.

More detailed information how to import your spss file can be found here.

The quick import option will take you trough import steps with predefined settings with no adjustments to data import process on your end. But in case you want to go trough detailed import process then we must make sure the data is correct. To check if data has the right structure or to alter your metadata’s structure, you can tick the ‘apply metadata transformation’ box prior to import. If you have created and saved a transformation before, you can select your saved transformations from the drop-down menu. The selected transformation will be applied when you import your data by clicking the import button.

After importing your data, you'll need to activate this. This way you can control the data that is active.

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