Once you have your access rights set and you accessed Dapresy Pro you can click the ‘Create New Project’ button at the left top of the screen. This will take you to a new screen where you will define the project type, code, name, and other details.Once you are done with entering name and other details you will need to select catalog levels which will define the location of your project. Currently, Dapresy Pro end-user screens are available in English, French, and Swedish. In your project setup phase, you can select the culture that your report users want to use. Simply choose from the drop down menu ‘Select Culture.’

Once you have all the details worked out, then you are ready to save. Use the ‘Save’ button at the top left corner of your screen to save your project. This will take you to a new phase where you need to upload your data. Once your report is saved, you can then go to the home page and search for your project. 

Do you need more detailed information about creating a project? Maybe this will help you: Creating a project.

Next step: Upload and activate your data.