To abort a started pre-generation click the “Abort Generation” button in the pre-generation view. When aborting the pre-generation the current object will be completed so it could take up to a couple of minutes before the pre-generation is stopped. The image below highlights the abort option in the Pre-generation window

To leave the pre-generation screen during a pre-generation click the “Hide progress” button as shown in the image below. When clicking this button the pre-generation will continue but you now have the ability to work in other projects. To view the pre-generation status again click the “Show generation progress” button as shown in the second image below.The image below highlights the Hide Progress option in the pre-generation window.

The image below highlights the Show generation progress button in the Generate screen.

!While pre-generating a report you are not supposed to import data, activate data, compute variables, group answers or work in the setup mode of the report that is being pre-generated. The function has been implemented for making it possible to work in other projects while you are pre-generating another project.