As you start with data pre-generation you can encounter many combinations that you have selected and this might take some time to complete. You can enter e-mail addresses (separated by semi-colons) for generation status. As the data generations completes the notification that the processes ended will be sent to an email address you enter in the field as shown in the image below.

Once you are done with all selections you can hit the “Generate” button and you will be presented with a new screen where you can see the number of combinations that resulted from your selection or you can change the selection by using “change selection” option.

*Please note that you can close all the open pages and the DapresyPro as you finish the set up of your data generation process, as the process will work in the background. We strongly recommend to undistribute your project and restrain from working in your project until the process of data generations is finished. This will enable process to complete faster.