As you start with data pre-generation you can encounter many combinations that you have selected and this might take some time to complete. You can enter e-mail addresses (separated by semi-colons) for generation status. As the data generations complete, the notification that the processes ended will be sent to an email address you enter in the field as shown in the image below.

Once you are done with all selections you can hit the “Generate” button and you will be presented with a new screen where you can see the number of combinations that resulted from your selection or you can change the selection by using “change selection” option.

Limitation in pre-generation

Limitations are present as a very huge number of combinations to pre-generate can easily be created if using many filters. The limitations of the number of combinations that can be pre-generated are based on the following components:

1.         Number of optional filter combinations

2.         Number of Hierarchical Filters

3.         Number of questions to pre-generate

4.         Number of respondents in the project

An index question is counted as many times as the number of ingoing questions. The formula for calculating the number of needed calculations is the following:

Number of combinations of optional Filters X Number of selected Hierarchical Filters X Number of Questions to pre-generate.

 The matrix below shows the current limitations. If the number of calculations from the formula above exceeds the limit, a pre-generation cannot be started. A workaround is to pre-generate in several batches. 


In a project with 3000 respondents, the user selects to pre-generate a report with 288 optional filters. Other than the optional filters, 100 Hierarchical Filter units are present.

The user selects 4 chart objects and 2 table objects with the following number of ingoing questions:

•          Chart 1-3: 1 question in each chart

•          Chart 4: an Index question is shown which is based on 12 questions

•          Table object 1: 4 questions

•          Table object 2: 8 questions

In this example the number of calculations is: 288 × 100 × (1+1+1+12+4+8)=777 600.

The pre-generation can be started as the limit is not exceeded.


 When pre-generating the reports, you should exclude word cloud and respondent table objects.