In projects using Hierarchical Filters it is possible to select which units to pre-generate static reports and StoryTeller reports for. This option makes report creation more effective as only one or a few units can be pre-generated for testing purposes, so loading times are decreased. Note that ‘all units’ is not a default option.

Step by step

1. Once reports are selected, skip the start Generate option and select the hierarchical filters.

2. Select the filters to include in data pre-generation. Note that ‘all units’ is not a default option.

3. If you don’t want to include any optional filters press the Generate button to start the process.

The last optional settings on the bottom of the screen provide support for selecting which optional filters to pre-generate and pre-generation of combined optional filters are supported. It’s important to remember to select if your filters will have Compare or Filter role. Also, if they will be combined or single selection type, especially if in your project you have multi select in your filters.

Step by step

The selection of which optional filters and items (Time interval, Time period and Moving average) to pre-generate is done in the pre-generation screen in a new pop-up window.The following steps are being performed during the setup:


1.         Select the report to define settings.

2.         Select the pre-generation logic: Single choice (non combined filter selection, the previous logic)  or the Multiple choice logic (combined filter selections)

3.         Select which filter options should be pre-generated.

4.           In the top right corner the number of combinations to be pre-generated is being shown.


  • We strongly recommend to undistribute all the reports (the project in general) prior to running pre-generation . Or to run a pre-generation at some point when you don’t expect users to be active, either during the night or weekends.
  • The pre-generation is basically saving a lot of time as it stores your tables and charts (along with combinations) so they can be called in immediately.