To access the Generate reports function go to Start tab and Generate reports icon. Once you press Generate reports icon you will be taken to a new screen which has functions for Generating StoryTeller objects, Static charts, and My Reports.

Step by step

  1. Under Start menu select “Generate report” icon to access the options.
  2. Select Overwrite existing preloads if you have new data for the already generated reports.
  3. Select the option to use preload tables  – In case same object has many filter combinations.
  4. Select to delete the old pre-generated data – In case there are many changes to a project.
  5. Enter e-mail addresses (separated by semi-colons) to get a progress report by email.
  6. Select the report level and Reports to start pre-generation for and press Apply.
  7. After selecting a report press Generate to start the data pre-generation.