This module is incorporated in the portal like all other report types. The image below shows an example of the report user management module.

A report user that is allowed to manage the access rights of other users can only give access rights to the same (or less) items that he/she has access rights to, such as filters, hierarchical filters, portal tabs, events and variable subsets. They will also never be able to view users with higher access rights.

To give a report user the ability to manage the access rights of other users, the module named “Report user management” needs to be added to the portal. The report user who will be managing the access rights must get access to it.


Dapresy has also a report user api available. This api makes it possible to perform list/add/create/edit/delete/bulk-delete report holders and also to perform bulk add/create/edit of users by means of uploading specific .xslx template file. Calls to this API can be peformed by Administrator user as well as with report holder user. Download this document for more information.