If the project contains Event server you can give access to Events in the create/edit report user page. To avoid sending out Event emails when a person is away a “Pause Event emails” option is present. When this option is selected, the user will not get any Event emails. Once the Pause option has been turned off, the user will get all the “missed” Event emails when the Events are triggered the next time.

You can limit the Event by date to avoid sending out old event emails when a user is added in an ongoing project or when updating a portal with historical data, etc. If the “response date limit” is set to 2018-04-23, like in the image below, no event emails will be sent out to this user for respondents with a lower response date even if they fulfil the trigger criteria. “Today’s” date is the default date when a new user is created. The image below shows the Pause and Response date limit options.

Besides pausing respondent based events emails you can also automatically include the new report user in the event based result emails. Just select which event this new report to which this user should have access.

In the bottom of the create/edit report user page, you’ll find a ‘Review’ function. Use this option to get an overview of the access rights of each user, all within one view. The image below shows the ‘Review’ function. The Review button is in the bottom right corner, as shown in the image below.