Once you created a user you will see it on the list of users. Here you can Invite the user to the project, edit the credentials you just created or delete this user and create a new one. Once you decide to Invite the user to access your project and press invite a new screen will appear.

On this screen, you can write a subject message, change the URL to your project or change the sender email. In addition Following tokens are available:

To make sure the tokens have been entered correctly use the Preview feature, when clicking the buttons shown in the image below the Invite email for the first Report user appears in a new window.

Note: If no tokens are present in the email no user specific information will be included, not even the url, username and password.

You can edit and enter sender email address. If the invites bounce due to, for instance, wrong email addresses you will be aware of it. If the sender of the email replies to the invite email it will go to this defined address.

You can use these tokens if you are creating a HTML message and these will be used to automate the process for the user. For example {CREATEPASSWORD} (with brackets) token will provide a link for the user in the body of the message he received so he can change the password. Once you are done customizing the invite messages for the user, press Save in the header of the message and the following dialog box will appear:

The user will get a following message in his inbox.

Once he logs in (or changes the password first if you selected that option), then he will have access to project selection screen.

Note: The links are valid for 72hrs. After the expiry, you need to send new links.

Note: if you are having trouble with saving the right url, make sure you login via that specific domain too. This way it does get saved properly.