To add a Report User to your project, go to the Start section and access Report user module. Press the Create button and the new screen will appear for adding individual users manually to your project.

Step by step

1.       Access the Start section and go to Report user icon.

2.       Press Create to open a new menu for creating new or adding existing users.  

3.       Enter all the user details including a language selection from the dropdown if available.    

4.       If you already have the user added to some other project, press Add existing to add the user to this project as well.

Within the user details you can also see an option to Set dates for project access. If the current date is outside the specified From and To date the user will not have access to the project. The user is still kept in the project but treated as inactive. The From and To dates are optional and do not need to be defined if not required. 

Note, the Date check is done on server side meaning that the local server date time is used for evaluating if the user should have access to the project or not. In the project settings page, you can specify which time should be used.

Setting access rights

The sections below the user details contain access rights controls. You can select from all reports (and sub-reports) that the user has access to. The default option is the “first report.” You can also select Variable subsets which your users will have access to.

You can also set access rights to filters and to Hierarchical filters. Below you can see you can select the filters you want to your users to have access too. Once you create a new user, Access to all is by default selected. In case you add a filter after you create a user, this checkbox will be unselected. 

 In the Hierarchical Filter panel, a tree view is used by default. It is the most effective way of finding and selecting the desired nodes. The image below shows the tree view used to set access to hierarchical filter nodes.

The hierarchical filters can also be shown in a list view. If you use the list view, the sorting can be based on either branch or levels. The sorting in the first image is based on 'by branch' and the sorting in the second image by 'level.'

Note: If you have charts in which you have hierarchical group settings as a split, be careful with giving access rights: the access right defines what the user can select in the h-filter tree and not what is shown in the chart. If the admin, for example,  defines that a chart should show the ”selected group” and the ”parent” the user will see the result of the parent even if he does not have access to the parent unit.

Note: Currently there is no way to inactivate report users. However, if you don't want to delete the users, you could un-check all access rights to the reports. This way, this user cannot login anymore, but still exists in the database.