Words in a word cloud become bold and large font when they are mentioned often, whereas words that are barely mentioned are small font and grey. By clicking on words you can filter responses. You can also combine open-ended responses with categorical responses and get an idea of what all ‘males aged 20-24’ had to say about a product or brand. As with all open-ends – what respondents’ type in or say can often be gibberish.

The Word cloud exclusion allows you to clean up the responses. You can exclude common words that are irrelevant either in project level or report level (only in case your report is the "Open answers" type of report). For example, if your question is about people’s opinions of different telephone companies, you may wish to exclude the word ‘telephone’.

Words excluded at the project level will be excluded from all reports in the project; words excluded in report level will just be excluded from the current report (Open answer type of report only). Just enter the words to exclude in either the project level list or the report level list. 

Note: Each row should just contain one word or an exact set of words to be excluded.

Note: by default the Selected Report shows Project Level List. Once you added Open answer reports, that report will appear in the dropdown and you can exclude words from that type of report. You cannot exclude words from a specific StoryTeller report only.