The Hierarchical filter can also be imported as predefined structure listed in the file. To enable this import, you need to uncheck the derive the Hierarchical filter structure from data option from the Project Settings page.

Once you have that option unchecked, go to Reporting options and Hierarchical filters tab. To create Hierarchical filter by importing the data file with the structure:

Step by step

  1. Press Download Template to download the Hierarchical filter structure template.
  2. You will get an empty Excel template that needs to be populated.
  3. You can select Download to Excel to download the Hierarchical filter structure you already have. 

    You will notice that there are two options in step 3 and 4. First one is to download an empty file and once the file is populated, go to step 5. The second option is to use the already present structure to make changes and upload the file in step 5. We strongly recommend to use “derive from data” option instead of the Excel import option for creating your Hierarchical filter structure.

  4. You can see the same structure as if you would by using a menu “View Hierarchical filters”
  5. Once the Hierarchical filter structure is defined, browse for the file and upload it.

With your completed template, click browse and import the file with your new Hierarchical filter structure. As you import your file you will be redirected to new screen where you will find the details for your new Hierarchical filter upload and you can also Download Validation results.

Note: There is a limit for the number of nodes to be included in a Hierarchical filter. The maximum number of units/nodes in Hierarchical organisations per project is 5,000. This is included all nodes, no matter level of it.