The Hierarchical filter can be set using two methods. First option is creating the Hierarchical filter structure derived from the data file that you already imported to the project. In this scenario no other input file is needed. The second option is uploading a separate file with a defined Hierarchical filter structure. 

Let’s explore the first option: How the Hierarchical filter structure can be derived from the data.

Step by step

To create Hierarchical filter derived from data:

1.         Activate both “use Hierarchical Filters” & “Derive Hierarchical Filter structure from data” in Project settings tab.
2.         Access the Reporting objects / Hierarchical filter to define variable structure.

3.         Build the tree based on the variables that structure the data; for example, Country and Gender.

4.         Go to Hierarchical structure tab, then select “Complete update” to populate the Hierarchical filter tree with options from the answer blocks for the different tree levels.

On the Hierarchical structure tab, under Derive H-Filter structure from data page, the Admin can:

  • Add new nodes – the system searches the data and shows new nodes.
  • Update names (if names have been changed in the answer blocks).
  • Remove nodes without respondents (the system identifies nodes without respondents).
  • Complete update (all the 3 steps above are performed).

During each of the update steps above, the changes will be shown in a confirmation window. The administrator then selects which changes to apply to the structure. You will notice that each unit must get a code based on the used variables. The IDs will only change if new variables are used to build the tree.

All categorical variables can be used for building an Hierarchical filter (single choice, multiple choice, and also Compute variables). The system checks all the data and derives the Hierarchical tree based on all the respondents’ answers. The Total (Top node) is system-generated and all respondents belong to the Top node. No other nodes can be placed as siblings for the Total node.

It's not possible to derive an hierarchical filter from a question with type open.