Multiple date variables are supported as well. This option as shown in the picture below is available after the weight variables tab. This option is similar to the process related to “Weight” variable, where you can select which Numeric variables are to be used as Weight variables. For multiple Date variables, you can define which Date variables should be included for use in the reporting.

Each respondent has one Interview date variable only. This interview date variable is the base in all calculations for filtering out the correct respondents and computing week numbers, months, etc.

The setup of new date variable consists of two steps:

  • Step 1: the Administrator defines which variables should be possible to use as Date variables in the reporting.
  • Step 2: During the later setup of each StoryTeller object and the Cross table tool, the Administrator defines which Date variable to use.

A new page for selecting the Date variables has been created and a new icon “Date Variables” placed in the Reporting Object tab as shown below.

The image below shows a selection of Date variables.

  • The page lists all Date variables
  • The user selects which one to use in the reporting as Date variables
  • A default Date variable is selected
  • Each Variable can get a new Name that is shown during the reporting setup