Multiple weighting is supported. When creating a chart in StoryTeller select which variable to use as the weight variable so in a report, different charts can use different weights and within one chart you can apply multiple weights once you have used the compare functionality. Any numeric variable in your project can be used as a weight variable. The setup consists of two steps:

Step by step

1.         Define which variables to use as Weight variables.

2.         Select which weight variable (or un-weighted) to use during the chart setup.

NOTE: The name of the Weight variable can be updated in the third column. This is the name that will be shown during the chart setup. By default, the imported Weight variable is checked and used. In a project where only that variable should be used as weight variable, the administrator does not need to do anything. If a respondent doesn’t have a Weight number in a variable, the weight 1.0 will be applied to that respondent during the calculations.