Creating a Document archive folder

Folder administration can only be made by the administrator, not by report users. To create a new folder for your Document archive, follow these steps.

Step by step

  1. Press the “New Folder” button in the top left corner to create a new folder.
  2. In a new dialog window write the Folder name and description.
  3. Select if the folder will be distributed using the distribute button.
  4. Press “Create” to complete the process.


  • If the project contains hierarchical filters, each Document Archive has one folder structure, and not one per hierarchical filter. Hierarchical filters are only used to filter documents, not to filter folders.
  • Report users can only see distributed folders. By default, all folders are set to undistributed.
  • The folder names have to be unique, so two folders within same parent folder cannot have the same name.

Navigating between folders

Once you created folders you can navigate between them and edit all the options you have initially set.

Step by step

  1. To enter a folder, click on the folder icon or the folder name.
  2. To navigate back press the Back button next to search bar.
  3. To access edit option press anywhere on the right side of the folder name line.
  4. To download the folder press the Download icon. Only administrators can download folders.
  5. To Edit folder details press the “Edit” icon. Here you can change folder name and description.
  6. The distribute status can also be changed in the menu using the Distribute option.
  7. To move a folder into another folder, click “Move”
  8. To delete a folder, simply click the “Delete” button.

Once in the ‘Move’ window, you’ll see the current folder structure is shown in a tree. To move the folder, choose the folder you want, and click the ‘Move’ button.

Warning: When a folder is deleted, all the documents and sub-folders will be deleted as well. A deleted folder/file cannot be brought back.