A document archive module is a small library where you can upload and store project related materials such as the final questionnaire or a fieldwork report. Document archive supports bulk uploads of documents connected to different Hierarchical filter nodes as well as folder structure. Both Administrator and User may upload documents.

Note: you can upload xls(x), ppt(x), doc(x), pdf, jpg, png, mp3, mp4, and zip files. Xlsm is not allowed, but once this is compressed as zip you can workaround this limitation.

How to setup Document archive

The document archive module is added to the portal in the “Portal Tab”. Follow the step by step guide to add Document archive to your project.  

1.         After logging to Dapresy, in Admin view look for Portal tabs icon.

2.         Use the Report Type dropdown menu to select Document Archive 2.0. (Document Archive is a legacy module and should not be selected)

3.         Assign the name for your new report and Save.

4.         Go to Design/Preview reports and look for the Document Archive report you just created.