The image below shows a typical use case based on a comparison between 2 months. A green arrow is shown if the result is +2% units (or more) compared to a previous month, and a red arrow is shown if the result is 2% worse (or more) than the previous month. A grey “no change” icon is shown if the change is between -2% to 2% units.

To create this icon, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the variable that you would like to use. Select “Difference between 2 intervals” from the first dropdown list named “What to compare against threshold values.” The difference between 2 months should be compared to the threshold values to determine which icon (arrow) to show.

Step 2: If you need to apply any filters, simply select them from the Filter tab.
Step 3: In the Time period tab, select which intervals you would like to compare to each other (select between Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Half year, and Year). As shown in the image below, it is always the last 2 intervals that will be compared to each other.

Step 4: In the Icon tab, three different zones need to be created, as shown in the image below (one for each icon). The image below shows the settings. The red arrow indicates when the difference between the 2 months is -2% units or more, and the green arrow indicates when the difference is +2% units or more. The grey “no change” icon is used if there are no major changes.

Once you’ve completed these 4 steps, you’ll need to click “Update preview” in the top right corner to preview the icon. The result (the difference) between the 2 months is shown below the icon. If the values should be compared the other way around, simply click “Change order.”