Word cloud can be added to StoryTeller by using the word cloud object in StoryTeller. The size and the colors of the cloud can easily be defined during the setup and the cloud also supports optional filters which makes it dynamic. The image below shows an example of a Word Cloud created in StoryTeller.

The Word cloud supports all the optional filtering selections so changes in those give an updated Word cloud based on those selections. The image below shows the optional selections that affect the shown Word cloud.

When exporting a report containing a Word cloud to Power Point the cloud will be exported as an image but it will be generated dynamically once you export it.

How does a word cloud show the results:

  • The open-ended variables are used for creating word cloud
  • Each answer is split into words; 
  • All words are checked against “Min number of characters” setting (Settings tab). If they are long enough they will be included in object data; 
  • Words are “counted” – each distinct word is associated with the number of its occurrences; 
  • Words with the lowest count get Min word size as font size (Layout tab), words with highest – Max word size. If the count is in between its font size is calculated based on how close it is to lowest/highest.