The cell formatting feature in StoryTeller tables and Cross table tool contains functions that support images to complement formatting the figures/cells based on the values in the table. By using this feature, Info-graphic reports can widely be improved by showing different images like up/down arrows, happy/sad faces, etc… based on the underlying values in the table. The image below shows a typical example where arrows are used to indicate changes since the previous time period.

The setup window for defining Cell formatting rules are used to add the images. To upload an image, the following steps are made:

  1. Define the criteria used to fulfil the limit for showing the image
  2. Select the option “Upload Image” 
  3. Upload the desired image
  4. Save

The image below shows the setup interface.

Note: The uploaded images will be shown in full size, which means that the image needs to be pre-configured and uploaded in the desired size to get nice looking reports.