The Dynamic filtering logic is not applied by default, it needs to be turned on by the Administrator during the report setup per filter. The controls for applying the Dynamic filtering logic are located in the following three screens.

  • Optional filters
  • Time Periods
  • Hierarchical filters

To apply the Dynamic filtering logic to your Optional Filters make the appropriate setting in the Dynamic Filter columns as shown in the image below. By default dynamic filtering is not used, the administrator chooses which filters it will be applied to and if the non-selectable filter options should be hidden or disabled. Here we see the controls for turning the Dynamic filter logic on and off per filter.

In the top of the page, you can also define if the disabled options shall keep the original sort order or if these shall be moved to the bottom of the page. Below you see the control for selecting the sort order of disabled options. This control is only present when at least one of the filters are set to “Yes, disable options with no data”.