While you are creating a chart on a StoryTeller, you might want to consider what options for modifying a chart will be available for your end user. With Optional Chart Settings you can select which actions should be present in the list when right clicking on a chart in the end-user view. The same options will mirror in preview mode; where you can see how the chart (or a complete slide and project) will look like for your final user. 

To use the “Optional chart setting” feature as an end-user go to preview

  • Hover the mouse over the chart and the options will appear in a panel as shown in the image further down. The available options in the list depend on the setup.
  • In the list the user selects an action, for instance: change Filters.
  • A popup window appears as shown in the second image below and the needed updates can be done. The StoryTeller chart is loaded based on the new settings when clicking “SAVE” in the bottom right corner in the popup window.
  • The chart will be shown with the changes until the StoryTeller page is reloaded (changing slide is not reloading the page but other actions like selecting another report or selecting any Optional filters force a reload of the page).