Multiple series can be used in a StoryTeller chart. It is possible to use one or two value axes (the image below shows two axes).

To add an extra series to a chart click the icon shown in the image below. When clicking, a new series is created. The new series is a copy of the main series (the default series). The changes can be done in the second series, some settings can only be done in the main series and some in both series. See the list below:

The following can only be defined in main series:

  • Chart layout
  • Tool tip options
  • Drill-down table (only valid for main series)
  • Text settings (show/don’t show Question, Answer Filter texts)
  • Scale (if only one axis is present)
  • Axis text (if only one axis is present)
  • Legend position

Settings per series

  • Calculation type
  • Interval (week, months etc)
  • Variables (Questions/answers)
  • Filters
  • Time period
  • Show values
  • Number of decimals
  • Axis/legend position
  • Chart type
  • Color source
  • Series option Hide data gap Hide/Compare series with no data Hide empty series Show top/Bottom X

When adding a new series, it will share value axis with the main series as a default, if a secondary axis should be used click “Use secondary axis” in the Settings tab as shown in the image below. Scale and axis text can be defined per axis.