Let’s explore the other Optional settings that you can set up for a chart, more precisely for a user that will use your report and access options for charts. As a quick reminder, optional chart settings can be set on a chart level and report level. The difference is that on a chart level you have function which enables settings to be replicated from a Report settings. 

Significant limitation of optional chart settings, filter functionality, is that only main series will apply filtering in preview, leaving the sub series unfiltered. 

Now let’s see the options that can be set for filters. As shown in the image below, you can set access to filters and allow compare of filters for the user.

The Compare Filter logic allows selection of the position for the Compare filters, so they can be nested or shown side by side. The example chart in the image shows how the chart would look like if the Compare filter is not being nested. As you can see, the options are shown side by side.

The Intervals and Hierarchical Filter are always nested. The setting is only applied to regular Compare Filters.

The setting for defining if the Compare Filter will be nested or not is placed in the Filter tab, as shown in the image below. The default option is “Nested.” The image below shows the control used to select if the Compare filters will be nested or not.

The behavior in the Legend/Axis and Row/Column positioning is slightly different if the Compare filters are non-nested (shown side by side). In the example below, Gender cannot be placed above Answers and Age Group below Answers. They must be grouped together or otherwise, they will be nested automatically. Due to that, all Compare filters are grouped below a “Filters” group option when the Compare filters are non-nested.

The image below shows how the Compare Filters are grouped below the “Filter” option when the Compare Filters are non-nested. The sort order within the Filter group can be arranged by drag & drop, and the position of the whole Filter group can also be changed by drag & drop.