Your data should be easy to understand. This is why Dapresy Pro has the flexibility of the label positioning and behavior within the series axis. This setting allows you to show every other week, as labels in time series charts to make them less crowded. 

Another setting lets you define the number of staggered lines to use so you can avoid overlapping labels. This is perfect for charts that use long brand names or question labels. The image shows a time series chart where every other week has been hidden so that the labels don’t overlap. Here the “Steps” function has been used.

This image shows a chart with staggered lines, which allows you to see the complete labels.

Staggered lines will not appear automatically. Instead, the labels will be cropped if there is not enough space. If you do not want the cropped label logic, you can either define the number of staggered lines you would like to use, or define it to only show every second label.

The settings can be changed in the Layout tab, in the Axes panel as shown in the image below.

The Stagger line function can only be used in charts where the series-axes are positioned horizontally (e.g. Lines and Columns but not in charts like Bars, and Vertical lines).