Sorting the series in charts is possible by using the sort feature. The series can be sorted both in the Legend and in the Axis. The sorting can be based on Value, Name or the internal order (the order they were imported to the project). A chart can be sorted by another chart as well. The image shown the available options for sorting.

The image below shows one question sorted by value. Image 2 shows two questions, the In Mind question is setting the sort order. Further down you can see the same questions but the sort order in the legend has been reversed.

Sorting by value can only be performed in the Legend or in the Axis, not in both at the same time as that will be illogical.

To sort a chart use the controls shown in the first image. If sorting is done by value a value needs to be pointed out when 2 or more options are present.

Note: If changes are done such as adding new questions, answers, filters or Axis/legend updates are done, the “reload” button must be clicked to be able to select the desired sort-order.

Sorting can also be applied based on tables or charts:

This sorting on charts and tables can be helpful if you have different objects, but you want to have the same order of the rows.  In the example below the sorting for both tables is based on the left object. The order of the months is staying the same, so within a month you can quickly compare the Top of mind values with the Spontaneous result.

Here below you see another example but based on a chart:

Note: sorting of a chart can be set up based on a table too and the other way around.