In chart background settings menu, you can define the color for the chart background as well as the border color for the chart. In addition, you can turn on the shadow for the chart, with a radius of the chart shadow ranging from 0 to 10.

A chart’s edit mode uses a white background, so when a chart has white labels, you cannot see them. The left chart in the image below showcases an example of this. There is an option to invert the background color so that you can see the white labels. Simply tick the option ‘Invert background’ in the bottom right corner, and the background color will change, as seen in the image below. The right chart in the image below shows a chart with an inverted background. The option is located in the bottom right corner of the chart.

The series layout menu provides options for adjusting the Border color, width and presence of shadow within the element, more precisely on the bars, columns or other objects of a series within a chart. As in the example below the series line is olive green and the border width is set to 2 points with the shadow present.

The spacing option allows you to set the Bar/Column spacing as well as the Group spacing for the chart elements.

While the Line setting under Layout contain Line thickness and Line style options, as shown on the image below: