The Optional Filters in the StoryTeller are used for filtering the data. In some of the projects you may want to compare different filters to each other, so instead of filtering the data on selected filters each filter can be shown as a series in the chart/table. The image below shows the setting for defining default behavior of extra compare series in the chart setup. As shown the Administrator can define if the default should be Axis or Legend.

The last settings under “Other” is support for adding Target Areas. The Target Areas are shown as distinct lines or as solid bands in the background of the chart like in the example images below. It can be used in all chart types except for pie, donut, scatter and bubble charts. Any number of Target Areas can be added to a chart. The first chart in the image below shows two target areas and the second chart shows one target area.

The setup of the Target Areas is made in the Settings tab in the chart setup interface as shown in the image below. To add a Target Area click “Add” and define the ranges and the color, to delete a Target Area click “Delete”. To add a distinct line like in the column chart in the image above define a small range like 31-32 if the line should be at shown at the position of 32.