The axis text can be added by using the options under Axis and Text menu. Here you can change the X and Y axis text as well as unit text shown on Suffix or Prefix as shown in the image below.

When unit text is present (as prefix or suffix) it can be shown on Axis or Series. Also thousand separator can be shown on Axis or Series with settings shown in the image below.

With the function to define the scale steps you can manually adjust the scale steps in your chart. The scale steps are calculated automatically based on the scale used and the actual size of the chart. This automatic behavior can be overwritten by using this feature. 

The example chart on the left shows the automatic behavior and the chart to the right shows a manually defined scale.

The settings for defining scale steps is located in the Settings Tab in the chart setup window. To override the automatic scale un-select the check-box “Auto” (as in the image below) and enter the number of scale steps to be shown. The image below shows the control for manually defining the scale steps in the chart.

An option that enables you to show positive values with a + as a prefix (negative values are always shown with a – as a prefix in Dapresy Pro) is present under Axis and Text settings. You can use this option when a chart shows a “difference” between two values that has been calculated in a computed variable or imported via the data file. In these situations, the system typically does not show the result with a + since the system does not recognise the result as a difference between two values.

The example charts below display the difference between Sales and Budget that has been calculated in a Computed variable. In this case, it’s helpful to show a + as a prefix.

The setting is located in the Settings tab in the Axis and Text Panel, as shown in the image below.

The options for showing different text information for your chart are grouped under section “Text Settings” as shown in the image below. Here you can control showing or hiding following text information by turning the on/off button: 

  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Filter Comparison
  • Show thousand separator
  • Time interval
  • Filter information

You have noticed that when you create charts and tables in the StoryTeller, the labels such as question texts and answer texts can be turned on/off. We have seen that this option is accessible in the Settings tab under the text panel. The labels can also be turned on/off in the Legend and Axis boxes, as shown below. An Enabled Eye icon means that the texts are shown, and a Disabled Eye means that the labels are not shown.

The settings in the text panel of the Settings tab & the settings in the Legend/Axis boxes are connected, so any changes made in one will automatically be reflected in the other one.