The Show Top/Bottom values function is placed under Series settings, after Apply pos./neg.shares option. 

This functionality (Show Top/Bottom values) is shown in the image below.

The Show Top/Bottom values refers showing the Top 5 series. So if the chart should show the Top 5 results it first needs to be sorted by value and then this setting can be applied.

To activate this option, turn the “Show” button on and select the Top or Bottom values that will be shown in the chart, instead of all values that are currently shown. Another option available after numeric value filed is to select which values to pick, the ones in Axis or Legend.

The option to Show Top/Bottom values per axis group is shown in the image below. This function enables you to select a group that will be shown in your chart; you will also find an option where you can select a subgroup and assign different labels for each.

Once you make selection for values per axis group, that will be shown in your chart, then the chart will have these groups shown. If you would like to temporarily hide 1 extra group, you can click in the legend on that group.