Apply pos./neg. shares is a calculation which makes it possible to display positive and negative shares (%) in all chart types except Pie and Donut. The images below show some examples of Positive/Negative charts.

The setup is done in StoryTeller but a preparation step is done in the Answer Block screen: the answer alternatives of the used questions must be defined as Positive or Negative. This setting is done on an answer block level in the screen “Answer block”, see the image further down. All answers defined as negative will get a negative value in the chart and the positive answers a positive value. As shown in the image below some answer alternatives can be defined as Neutral, those answers will never be shown in the charts when the Positive/Negative calculation is active. 

The image below shows the settings in the Answer block screen.

When creating Grouped answers with the negative/positive settings present (creating for instance a Top box and a Bottom box) one must be defined as positive and one as negative.

To activate the Positive/Negative calculation in the chart setup, check the box “Apply positive/negative shares” in the Settings Tab. 

The image shows the Positive/Negative setting in the Settings Tab.

When showing the results in bars or in columns the series option “Stacked” should usually be selected to get the desired chart layout.