Let’s now see what options are there available for series, how can you hide date gaps that your data might contain or even to hide the empty series. All this is done within the setting for series in the second sub menu. The first option under Chart series settings is Hide date gaps and Hide empty series. To show how these two settings affect the chart we will change our chart in this example to show different time selections. Instead of a full period shown earlier, now we will show quarters as intervals, while keeping the same variables in the chart.

You will notice that our chart shows some empty data points for which there is no data. To avoid these points being included in the chart you can use the options “Hide date gaps” and “Hide empty series”. Let’s see now how our chart looks like, after applying these two options.

You will see that date gaps and empty series are excluded and are not being presented in the chart. 


In charts and tables with multiple series the settings “Hide date gaps”, “Hide empty series” and “Hide compare series with No data” is setup per series. 

Here we see how the settings in the subseries of a chart.