The data labels (the values) in Donuts and Pie charts can be shown inside the Donut/Pie or outside as shown in the chart examples below. A chart setting enables the selection for the data labels to be places outside or inside the Donut/Pie chart. The setting is very useful in cases where parts of the Pie/donut is too small to show the values in.

The setting is made in the Layout tab, in the Series panel in the Position drop-down list shown in the image below.

The options Outside or Inside appears only when Pie or Donut is selected, when for instance bar/column is selected does the list contains Bottom, Middle and Top

The Legend text can also be shown in the Data label instead of in a separate legend as shown in the image below. This option is shown in the Legend position drop-down list. In the image below you can see where to find the new setting and an example of using it in a pie chart.

Note: When showing the legend text in the data label make sure the object box is big enough to show the texts so they not are being cut off.