The first option menu under settings is “Chart”. Here you can select your Chart type from the dropdown menu as shown on the image below. Here you can select one of the following chart types: 

  • Bar
  • Column
  • Line
  • Spline
  • Area
  • Line (vertical)
  • Spline (vertical)
  • Area (vertical)
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Scatter
  • Bubble
  • Gauge

Below the chart type dropdown menu, under Series option you can also select how you need the data series to be presented: Side by side; Stacked or Full stacked. Other settings include options to Invert chart, which means that horizontal charts can be shown right to left instead of left to right and vertical charts can be shown up to bottom instead of bottom to up. Please see some example images below of inverted charts.

The control for inverting charts is placed below the chart selection in the Settings Tab in the chart setup window. To invert a chart simply check the option. All chart types except pie and donut support this feature. The image below shows the controls for inverting the chart, simply click the check box to invert the chart.

Another option next to inverting chart control is to show the chart as polar: There might be other names for Polar chart as Radar or Spider but this is the the same chart type. Below a few example images are shown.

The Polar chart is a chart setting which can be applied to all chart types except Pie, Donut, Scatter and Bubble. So in one single switch all the regular X-Y charts can be turned into polar charts. The X axis is wrapped around the perimeter while the Y axis extends from the centre to the top. The image below shows the check box to tick to turn the X-Y chart into a Polar chart.

Note: the Polar setting is only an option shown in the main series, the option is not visible in additional series (all series must be Polar if one series is Polar).